The Value of Live Radio Remotes and Meet-and-Greets

Stephanie Theisen
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When you're trying to reach local consumers, you can't afford to overlook your local radio station.

These talented (and well-connected) individuals can provide creative ad spots that reach targeted audiences. Beyond that, they offer live advertising opportunities that create a personal bond between your company and your customer base. A popular morning show host or afternoon drive announcer can raise your business' profile and bring you new customers when you arrange a live broadcast from your parking lot or store's interior.

Simply put, live radio remotes pay big dividends.

Celebrity ConnectionsThe Value of Live Radio Remotes and Meet-and-Greets


Radio announcers have a strong connection with local residents. Listeners consider them friends who share a love of good music and knowledge of the area.

If you hold a meet-and-greet with a popular radio station talent, their fans will show up in person to meet them, meaning you have a stream of potential customers at your door for an opening or special sale. Local celebrities have star power, but they are also approachable, so you will draw people from all walks of life.

Interactive AdvertisingThe Value of Live Radio Remotes and Meet-and-Greets

Live events allow consumers to interact with local celebrities and your staff at the same time. On-air interviews allow you and your employees to share vital information about your company's merchandise or services. Customers will also be interviewed and can share their opinions about the event and your business in general. At times, a customer, employee, and announcer might interact in a single segment, making a powerful advertising moment.


Live radio events provide free entertainment to residents and their families. Simple merchandise giveaways, exciting contests, and activities for the kids can all be a part of the experience. These events create goodwill and happy memories for your customers in a way that is unmatched by other modes of advertising.

Outmaneuvering Competitors

While live events take planning, they can still be part of a quick-response strategy. Feeling under fire from a competitor's sale or expansion? Your radio salesperson can assemble an advertising package that responds to the threat and includes live events. An effective remote can be executed in a few days or less if necessary, putting the spotlight back where it belongs: on your company.


Perhaps the most compelling reason to book a live radio event is the power of immediacy. Traditional advertising tries to draw in customers for a future date:  tomorrow, next week, next month. At a radio remote, the focus is on now. People will get in their cars and drive to your business on the spot to experience the event, as long as the offer you're spotlighting is worth their attention. They don't have tomorrow or next week to take advantage of the live experience, which motivates them to take action.

Live radio remotes can solve many of your advertising issues in the most positive way possible. Announcers have a strong connection to local residents and can easily draw in their fans and fans of the station to your company. They can move quickly to create a unique and interactive sales event that produces increased sales as well as long-term community goodwill.

If you haven't considered radio remotes or meet-and-greets for your business, now is the time. Good music, friendly interviews, and celebrity faces: all of them mean results for your business.

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