Bring the Right People to Your Business with Live Radio Remotes

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Bring the Right People to Your Business with Live Radio RemotesImagine having a grand opening, right across the street from a competitor's grand opening. You both opened the same day, with the same products, and are having similar sales. However, more people are flocking to your competitor. You look across the street and see a local radio station vehicle, station banners, a tent, and station staff actively engaged with their customers.

That competitor hosted a live radio remote (also known as a live broadcast).

What is a Live Broadcast?

Live or remote broadcasts are an engaging way radio stations can market to the masses. Radio personalities are pretty popular, so having them onsite as opposed to an ad just talking about your specials will be more appealing.

Live radio remotes occur onsite with equipment setup and radio personalities present to handle promoting. Their best use is to attract customers to your venue and event or “invite them to the party” you are hosting.

Live broadcasts typically last two to three hours, with the radio personality making live call-ins back at the studio several times per hour. These are invaluable because the personality is live, on location, at your place of business talking about YOU. What’s not to love about that?

Interview You and Your Employees

Live radio remotes are an excellent way for the community to get to know you and your employees. It often helps to establish that yes; you all are real people, just like your customers. Depending on the nature of your business, having your potential customers identify with your staff can make the difference in customers selecting your company over another. People want to work with those they can relate to, and a quick, personal interview can do just that.

Interview Current Clients at Your Event

Word of mouth definitely goes a long way. If you have a live show at your event, the disc jockey can grab those satisfied clients to ask them questions about their purchase or investment. Their credibility could sway a current listener come out to the event. Or, to make a mental note to stop by when they have time.

Not Just for Grand Openings

Live radio remotes are not just for grand openings either. You could host these for any open house events, anniversaries, sales, galas, fundraisers, and more. Any event you want the public to be invited to and know more about, consider staging a live radio broadcast.

Variety of Scheduling Options

A misconception of live radio remotes is the costs involved. However, with radio remotes, there are no printing costs, and you reach a wide audience in a small amount of time. The radio personality draws extra attention to what your business has going on and this often leads to an above average amount of people to your location. As there are a variety of scheduling options, your radio rep can tell you the best time for your live radio broadcast.

With live radio broadcasts, listeners at home or already on the go will be enticed by the happenings at your event. Be prepared to have enough refreshments, activities, and take-home swag for participants to remember you by.

If you’re interested in a live radio remote, speak with your radio rep for more information.

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