Client Overview

Heller & Thyen Law Firm is our sixth entry in our Best Advertising Strategy series. Their home office is in St. Cloud and they have a satellite office in Minneapolis. While their firm has a few areas of focus, their radio messages are geared towards personal bankruptcy.

Heller Thyen Law Firm LogoThey aim to help ordinary people navigate the complex legal system. They don’t use legalese when speaking with clients. Heller & Thyen strives to make it easy for anyone to work with them, and they want you to feel comfortable when you call their office for help with a debt problem.

Get Back on Your Feet

Heller & Thyen focuses their messages on the benefits of filing a bankruptcy and how the customer can get back on their feet and take control of their life once again. They use their messages to encourage listeners to look forward to being debt free, and to having extra money to spend on special occasions. Like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

We live here. We work here. We’ll be here. Heller & Thyen Law Firm.

They dramatize how chaotic life can be living under the stranglehold of overwhelming debt, and then juxtapose that with how freeing it will be when you no longer owe any money to anyone.

At the same time, they understand what their clients are going through. They promise not to judge or lecture you, or talk down to you because of your debt problems. They’re human beings too, and they’ll treat you with the same regard and respect as they’d treat their own family.

Did you know that you can rebuild your credit rating faster after filing bankruptcy than if you continue to be buried in debt? Their ads touch on that, plus everything from student loans, to what happens if you simply ignore your debt, and how to handle collection calls from creditors. Hint: Call Heller & Thyen instead of forking over money simply out of fear.

Heller & Thyen encourages you to focus on what’s best for you and your family – not what’s best for the credit card companies. That they’re local, and have families too adds credence to the encouragement. It also backs up what their jingle states.

Why the Advertising Strategy Works

Thirty second ads mean each message has to be short, sweet, and to the point. There’s only enough room for one thought, so that’s what this client does. One thought per ad, each dramatizing what makes them different, and why and when to call.

There are more bankruptcy attorneys in central Minnesota than I can count, but few (if any) are advertising on the radio. Being local, and running short, simple ads has helped Heller Thyen gain market share as a trusted bankruptcy attorney in the area. Their ads are voiced by Steve Heller, one of the partners. This adds credibility and familiarity to their messages. That, plus the consistent jingle you’ll hear every time, is why Heller Thyen Law Firm made our list of best advertising strategies.

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