Client Overview

St. Cloud is nicknamed “The Granite City.” There’s an old granite quarry turned park and nature reserve in town, which just happens to have the largest collection of granite quarries in the country. Rumor even has it that we have so much granite in the ground that it affects the weather patterns overhead. So, it comes as no surprise to see several granite companies in the area. C&D Granite is one of those, and they're also our fourth client featured in our “Best Advertising Strategy” series.

C&D Granite LogoC&D Granite is located in Richmond, MN and has served central Minnesota for decades. The company is owned and operated by Brad and Lisa Steil. C&D Granite has strong family values. And their faith and integrity can be seen throughout their work, in their office, and daily interactions with customer and employees alike.

The Unlimited Guarantee

Granite is one of those products known for quality and durability. That’s why people use it in their kitchens and bathrooms. Most granite companies have a warranty. It’s a standard in the industry. However, most of those companies use a third party to cover warranty work, and they make it extremely difficult to get a hold of someone if you need to apply your warranty.

C&D Granite didn’t want to be like that. Their warranty – or guarantee - is unlimited. Yes, I said unlimited. That's quite the claim, and their positioning statement goes to great lengths to make it clear just how unlimited it is:

“Unlike other granite companies, we don’t give you one of those 'third party, heaven forbid you should ever have to deal with us warranties.' When you partner with C&D Granite, you get an unlimited lifetime guarantee - that is, for as long as you own your home, we’ve got your granite covered. Period.”

We call that an un-strategy. Instead of saying what you are, say what you are not. It effectively positions C&D apart from the competition by saying, “We’re not those guys. We’re better, and here’s why …”

C&D Granite Bathroom CountertopThe Power of Endorsements

Recently, C&D Granite used two of our radio station talents to endorse their products: Amos from 104-7 KCLD and the 99-9 More FM Morning Show, and Bob Hughes from the KNSI Radio Morning Show. They were able to tell their stories better than any voice actor, or even C&D ever could. They have first-hand, real life experience with C&D Granite’s products in their homes. Amos and Bob worked with C&D through the entire process from concept to installation, to what’s happening today.

Amos has a wife and young kids. They wanted a countertop that would be “kid-proof.” Bob and his wife have grown up children who no longer live at home. They wanted a countertop that looks immaculate; something to brag about to their neighbors. Amos and Bob both got what they were looking for, and then some. Here are their stories:



Why the Advertising Strategy Works

Like every client in this series, C&D Granite does it right. They have a consistent jingle, and a consistent voice. Well, two voices, actually. Brad, the owner, who reads the “brick” of each ad. The brick is the part of each ad talking about a single idea that emphasizes and backs up the claim made in the mortar statement. There’s also an upbeat female voice for the “mortar” of each ads. The mortar is their positioning statement. All of these are tenets of the Brandsformation system to getting results with advertising.

They understand women are the primary decision makers when it comes to the choice and purchase of granite countertops. Because of this, their ads are intentionally female-friendly. Brad’s voice is calm, and down to earth. Just like he is in person.

C&D Granite wasn’t the first granite company in town, and they won’t be the last either. Central Minnesota is home to one of the largest granite deposits in the country. We’re no stranger to granite companies. C&D Granite, though, was the first granite company to consistently advertise on the radio. Others have dabbled in radio, but C&D jumped in with a splash – like a slab of granite crashing into a lake. That splash created waves of top-of-mind awareness, and earned C&D Granite their spot on this list.

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