Client Overview

BD Exteriors is the third entry in our Best Advertising Strategy series. They’ve been in business for over 15 years, and their work is among the best in the industry. Owned and operated by Brian Donnay, they’re an exterior remodeling company, hence the name. They focus on roofing, siding, and gutters.

BD Exteriors LogoThey’re also experienced in dealing with insurance companies when it comes to storm damage. It comes with the territory in their industry. They’ve created a customer-friendly process for making the insurance claims process easy for anyone with storm damage to their roof or siding.


However, They’re Not Storm Chasers

When storms come through central Minnesota, so do the roofing repair companies. They’re called storm chasers, because that’s what they do. They chase storms across the country, and use hard-sell sales techniques to goad homeowners into fixing their roof with them. Most of the time, they do shoddy work - just the bare minimum to consider the roof “fixed.” Then they leave town, never to be heard from again, leaving helpless homeowners stranded when they need help with their roof.

BD Exteriors is not like that. In fact, they make it a point to position themselves against the storm chasing companies. They live here, they have families here, and most of their crew grew up in central Minnesota. But, they also know the ins and outs of the insurance claims process. They will be here to guide you through the mess of paperwork to get your storm-damaged roof paid for by the insurance company, and then be available after the job is done. They’ll also do it right. Meaning your new roof will last 25-30 years like it should. Plus, you don’t pay BD Exteriors until your insurance company pays you.

Because You Want it Done Right

It’s not just their slogan. It’s how they do everything. They do it right. BD Exteriors has focus and they specialize in one thing: home exteriors. Roofing, siding, and gutters is all they do. You won’t see them remodeling a bathroom one day, and then shingling the next, and landscaping the day after. They know that focus equals perfection, which helps them live up to their brand promise to do it right.

BD Exteriors doesn’t have a hokey catchphrase like “for all your exterior remodeling needs” because they know it doesn’t mean anything to anybody. So, every single ad includes the words “Because you want it done right.” Those words mean something. They’re powerful because they’re simple, and easy to understand. Their customers can relate to wanting it done right. After all, who doesn’t want it done right the first time? Nobody. Everyone wants their home taken care of the right way.

BD Exteriors has a longer version of their positioning statement that’s used as well:

“We roof it, we side it, we guide it, and we stand behind it. BD Exteriors. Because you want it done right.”

This speaks further to the fact that they specialize. They’re not a jack of all trades. They’re the master of one trade: home exteriors. So what do they do during the winter months? Brian and his staff train, keep their certifications up-to-date, and get other certifications pertinent to their industry. Did you know that every employee has the 10 OSHA Training Certificate?

Why the Strategy Works

BD Exteriors has been on-air with us for several years, and had great success with branding on the radio. They follow the Bransformation formula for getting results. Every ad has the same music bed. Every ad talks about one idea, Bransformation calls those ideas "bricks." Every ad uses the same strategy message, the "mortar." Every ad has the same voice, Brian Donnay – the owner of BD Exteriors.

BD Exteriors Crew

You’ll hear plenty of our local advertisers voice their own radio spots. We do this because it adds credibility to their message, and emphasizes that they’re local. It’s also good for building trust. When a customer calls BD Exteriors, they’re already familiar with Brian because they’ve heard his voice on the radio. They know he lives here, and has a family here. They’ve already made an emotional connection.

BD Exteriors has a lot of great things going for them. They’re local. They do it right. Their staff is trained and certified. They’re involved in the communities they serve. They stand behind their work, and they won’t jerk you around on price. Everything they talk about in their ads is true about their business.

The thing is, BD Exteriors has always conducted their business this way. Brian and his crew truly believe and live out what their radio ads say. The only thing radio did was tell their story, and we helped them find the medium to do so.

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