Leighton Media is experienced in digital marketing, event marketing, and advertising, but at its core, this company is a radio entity. While this company's inception was just a few radio stations, today, we are twenty-two radio stations strong and specialize in radio advertising for local businesses. When it comes to branding a business on the radio, a steady hand is required, and experience paves the way to success on the radio.

More Than Just Advertising

Image of part of the Leighton Broadcasting teamFor Leighton Media, helping a company with radio advertising means using a tried-and-true process known as BrandsFormation. The process helps companies develop a truly unique and powerful brand identity that can be used in advertising to turn a good local business into a great local brand, resulting in top of mind awareness and increase customer loyalty.

Radio advertising is more than just a loud voice blaring over the air. Success comes down to branding. What are you going to do to differentiate your company and stand out from the other noise on the airwaves?

At Leighton Media, we invest in our employees' continuing education including bi-annual workshops with Chuck Mefford, founder of BrandsFormation. We do this so that we may stay current on the latest marketing trends – arming us with the knowledge and power we need to best serve your businesses' marketing needs.


Leighton's Reputation, Mission, and Values

Leighton Media’s passion statement is to “Serve, Connect and Celebrate Our Community.” One way we do that is by helping businesses perfect their marketing strategy and then taking that to the radio to advertise and connect business owners to our listeners – their potential customers. This is accomplished through traditional radio ads, live broadcasts, promotions, and on-air sponsorships.

Leighton Media has six decades of experience with media and advertising in the U.S. What started with one radio station in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota grew into a company that includes radio stations from Detroit Lakes to St. Cloud, Winona to Perham, and Grand Forks to Fergus Falls. Some of the region's best radio stations are part of the Leighton Media family tree, and that gives our company strength of experience and diversity in service.

All of the values at Leighton Media come from its founder, Al Leighton. Al purchased the original radio station in Detroit Lakes and went on to guide Leighton Media into our St. Cloud and Grand Forks markets. Today, Al's son Bob is guiding the company as our CEO. The values of the business continue to mirror that of our founder.

Al Leighton was an innovator, and the team of experts in radio at Leighton Media today possess the knowledge required to guide each individual client to the next level when it comes to advertising.


Who Will You Trust with Your Brand?

Leighton Media is the expert firm every local business needs in its corner. We’re ready to assist you in establishing a brand by building a message that tells your story and leaves our listeners, your customers, wanting more.

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