Never stop learning! We believe in this so much, that, as a company, we made continuing education one of our core values. The Rising Through the Ranks (RTTR) seminar is an amazing opportunity to further the education of employees, specifically women in radio, who have aspirations to be in leadership roles. We hold this program near and dear to our hearts.

Each summer, The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and the MIW Group host the Rising Through the Ranks seminar. Not only is it a valuable professional experience, the seminar also provides many nuggets of inspiration and knowledge for attendees personal life as well. Over 20 female radio professionals attend RTTR every year, and this year our very own Brianne Thompson visited Nashville, TN to partake in this innovative mentorship experience. The seminar included things like building a personal brand, about workplace culture, and how to juggle it all as a modern female manager.

Brianne Thompson, Digital Sales Manager

Headshot of a blonde woman, Brianne ThompsonWhile going to school at Concordia Moorhead, Bri began her career in radio as a radio intern in Fargo, hired by Michael Brooks. Post graduation, she advanced to a position as the Promotions Director of five different stations. From there, she went into sales with iHeartMedia in Grand Forks, where she worked for five years. After reconnecting with her original supervisor, Michael, she was hired as the Digital Sales Manager at Leighton Broadcasting, her current position.

She joined the team in early 2018 and has been a valuable asset since. Bri loves the variety radio has to offer. From new challenges and fun events to helping clients and the community, radio is her passion. She loves to learn, and therefore, took the plunge (after a gentle push from Kelli, a Leighton Broadcasting Sales Manager, and RTTR Alum in Fergus Falls, MN) and applied for the RTTR scholarship.

Show Time… The Seminar

When talking about her experience at the RTTR seminar she said, "It almost felt like when we got in that room, we were already connected even though we didn't really know each other at that time… everyone wants to help each other and we want to get to that next level together." For Bri, one of the most empowering parts was hearing about powerful female VP’s and CEO’s day to day lives, things that they have gone through and the wonderful things they have accomplished. They even got to experience a fun night out in Nashville together, a true testament to their immediate closeness.

Bri’s Top Three Takeaways

In Bri’s words, here is what she brought back to her office and is committing to memory from her time at Rising Through the Ranks.

"I attempted to type up a recap and it ended up being 10 pages long… I will save you from that and share my summary of my 10-page synopsis of the event.


1. Don’t underestimate the power of being you.

You can feel a pressure to fit in and change who you are, especially in this digital age; But you are who you are, and that’s whats sets you apart from others. Own this and say yes to life – you deserve it.


2. Don’t doubt yourself.

You might question some things, but in the end, your beliefs, work ethic, and how you got to where you’re at is what makes you who you are at the core. Trust in that.


3. Be mindful of what you do.

Audit your online presence and make sure that you're branding yourself how you want to be perceived. How you brand yourself is crucial to your success, and what you say matters. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but be mindful of the repercussions that can come from sharing those opinions – both personally and professionally."

Leighton Broadcasting is thrilled to have had members of our team at RTTR for five consecutive years - you all make our company better each day!