Leighton Media participated in the 2016 issue of Women in Business. The magazine focused on celebrating the success of women in central Minnesota, and included an interview with our very own General Sales Manager Stephanie Theisen. The article shone a spotlight on something I learned long ago that still holds true today: Leighton Enterprises is no stranger to strong women.

Leighton Enterprises, which is the parent company of Leighton Media, Leighton Interactive, Leighton Events, Granite City Speedway, and Magnetic Spark, has a staff comprised of highly skilled individuals. Women hold both entry-level and supervisory positions in sales, marketing, management, design, on-air broadcasting, administration, and more. In fact, seeing women in leadership roles is so common around here, we can quickly forget how significant it is

Providing Opportunity

Leighton women in leadershipThe predominance of women on our staff is partly due to how Leighton Enterprises treats all of its employees. When you work for Leighton, you’re encouraged to invest in your own personal and professional development.

Here in St. Cloud, we’re fortunate to have leadership luncheons and regular opportunities for professional development. Also, it’s one thing to have access to these opportunities, but having a company who fully supports them is priceless.

Leading by Example

In an industry generally considered male dominated, Leighton Media’s St. Cloud sales team is over 80 percent women, and their on-air team is 50 percent female. Female leadership and longevity is common among our team, and I would venture, critical to its success.

There are few things as inspiring as seeing confident, skilled women already in leadership positions. It sends the message that yes, this is not only possible, it’s valuable and realistic. 

Leighton Empowers Women in Leadership Positions

A lot of our business takes place outside the office. We’re active in the communities we serve, and meeting with local businesses is a large part of what we do. People see how involved our work is, and it draws certain people in. It’s in this way that strong leaders attract other future strong leaders.

From the inside looking out, Leighton Media is a workplace that empowers women in leadership. Leighton values the growth and development of both individuals and teams. We believe in empowering every employee to do their best and be their best, and I’m thrilled so many strong, talented people want to be a part of it.