Why We Believe in the Power of Music + Radio

Stephanie Theisen
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Radio is ____________.

Fill in the blank. Radio and music, in particular, are what? Oh man, so many different things depending on the context and whom you ask. We can all agree on music's powerful influence in the world and on all its people. To further prove that, we asked our own team. Why is radio so influential? What makes music so powerful?


Radio is Omnipresent 

Think about those music montages in movies where a character moves through different scenes with a bold, emotional song accompanying the images. To be honest, that's how I view the world around me, too. Music is always on to the point of it being a seamless transition from one setting to the next. As I move through the house to my patio or garage to my car, to the office, to the studio where I workout. Music is omnipresent. I like it that way. Zeke Fuhrman from our Detroit Lakes market agrees.  

Why We Believe in the Power of Music + Radio

"Music is my go-to, whether it's sitting down to play some guitar, or going to a concert with a friend, or just listening to the radio while I work. It’s on in the car. It’s on in the store you’re shopping in. It’s on in the waiting room at the dentist. Music is everywhere, and I love it." I couldn't agree more, Zeke. It seems that the dental office is onto something with its music, too.

According to the Stock Music blog Why Waiting Music Matters, silence makes stressful situations worse. Having music playing in medical facilities helps alleviate stress and encourages relaxation. But even something as mundane as standing in line at the bank can be enhanced by music choice. 


Radio is Ritual

Plain and simple. For many of us, music is the first thing we encounter when we wake up and greet our day. I set my alarm to music; it's a softer approach to waking up than the cold jolt of a bell, dinger, or digital beep. I also like to play a mental game with my wakeup song - if it's one of my top five favorite songs or favorite artists, nothing is going to prevent me from having an incredible day. Maybe that approach helps me process my early mornings. Angela Budke in our Fergus Falls market talked about how music's daily presence is how it's most influential in her life. 

Music is Therapy


"Music is therapy. Music helps me decompress after a long day, it is the background to our every night at home. Music transforms our kitchen into a dance party and soothes my family to sleep in the evening. Music is both energizing and calming. Music is love." It sure is. That last sentence needs to be painted everywhere! We already know the powerful connection music has to our brains and how we connect familiar sound with memory.

Years ago, I bookmarked an article I found on Slate that discussed "Neural Nostalgia" by Mark Joseph Stern. He said, In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have confirmed that these songs hold disproportionate power over our emotions. And researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests our brains bind us to the music we heard as teenagers more tightly than anything we’ll hear as adults—a connection that doesn’t weaken as we age. Musical nostalgia, in other words, isn’t just a cultural phenomenon: It’s a neuronic command.

So, music is love AND neuroscience. I knew it!

Radio is Emotion 

Speaking of feeling, radio is emotional. It's perhaps the best attribute of all. Think of that music montage I illustrated in the first subheading. When the movie character is sad or lost, so is the music. When the character is triumphant or relentless, so is the soundtrack. Music can set the tone. Kelli Frieler who also represents our Fergus Falls market touched on the emotional connotation associated with music. 

Music is an incredible source of inspiration

"Music has been an incredible source of inspiration and motivation. It has helped me kick things into high gear, stimulated my brain in a way that I could focus on work or school projects and drown out the clutter of my brain. By focusing on music I can quiet the noise. As an athlete and a coach, music has been that kick start I need to get through a tough workout or that badass riff or crazy lyric that I could grab onto and push me to run a little faster, finish a little stronger."

By focusing on music I can quiet the noise.

It doesn't get much more emotional than that statement. 


Radio is Everything

Those examples are proof of the impact radio has on our team's lives. It's just a small sampling; everyone has his or her own story of why music matters both personally and professionally. I asked Zeke why he's rooted in a career based on music. He said, "For me, it’s not just music. It’s the ‘local’ aspect of Leighton Broadcasting. My position at Leighton Broadcasting allows me to do lots of different things. I’m in charge of corporate music distribution for the company, so I get to listen to every song being uploaded into our 17,000+ song library. I also get to work on a lot of local news stories and do play-by-play for high school sports. When you pair listeners' favorite music in one of the many formats that Leighton Broadcasting offers, plus local, trending news and community interest it’s a home run every time."

Speaking of clients, harnessing the power of sound for businesses is just as powerful as it is for everyday life. Kelli weighed in on that from her perspective. "Absolutely, there’s always that jingle that EVERYONE knows. All it takes is a couple of seconds and you feel that connection to the business. That is powerful! Brands are built by creating a lasting emotional connection. There is nothing more powerful, more emotional, more inspirational than music. Music can help a brand earn long-term awareness with customers, their music, their audio can help create an identity and remind them of a positive experience or a negative. Music can’t fix a broken part of a business, but it can help a solid business flourish."


Initially, when I thought about writing this topic I thought it might be impossible to summarize the vast impact radio has and what music means. That's why I leaned on our team and encouraged them to share their stories. Music is everything, that's quite clear.