What Business Are We In Anyway? Highlights from the 2022 NAB Show

Stephanie Theisen
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The return to in-person learning and networking continues to energize! Borrell Miami, held last month and attended by our Executive Director of Digital, Kelli Frieler and me was a great foundation for our business trip to Las Vegas for the 2022 NAB Show.

Industry conferences provide us with an opportunity to serve and connect. Stepping away from day-to-day operations to focus on the business instead of working in the business makes us sharp. Time is invested in looking toward the future and innovations on the horizon, in addition to providing a space to exchange ideas and current best practices with one another. At the conclusion, we are further equipped to best serve you and your business.


We arrived in Vegas on Saturday and I attended several sessions as well as select round tables aimed for small to medium market broadcasters. Conversations included diversification of marketing solutions for our clients, attracting talent and more.

NAB LogoMeanwhile, our Executive Director of Digital, Kelli Frieler, spent Saturday afternoon leading a discussion with the NAB Broadcast Leadership Training Class of 2022. The class is comprised of media industry managers, across the country who are interested in ownership. Kelli was invited to talk with the class about the importance of creating anchor points around “your business why,” when growing and scaling your business. I admire and respect Kelli for giving her time to this group of emerging leaders and for her commitment to giving back to strengthen our industry. In the end, it is efforts like this that will ensure you have stronger local solution providers for your business needs.

Sunday morning, Leighton Enterprises, CEO and President, Bob Leighton was a presenter on a panel moderated by the Radio Advertising Bureau President and CEO, Erica Farber titled “What Business Are You In?”

NAB 2022 Panel

During his presentation, Bob shared that Leighton Broadcasting, the company his father and Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame member, Al Leighton founded, is now “a marketing company.” Citing data from Borrell Associates local advertiser surveys, over the last seven years, local businesses are buying more marketing products, radio, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, targeted display, streaming TV, promotional products, etc. but they are buying from fewer partners. In answering the question, “What business are you in,” Bob highlighted the evolution of Leighton Broadcasting from a radio company to a marketing company in response to the growing demand for integrated marketing solutions and fewer marketing partners. The shift from a broadcast company to a marketing company was highlighted in showing the diversification of revenue for Leighton over the last 15 years.



NAB 2022-1Why write a blog about a marketing company going to an industry convention? Our commitment to serving, connecting and celebrating our communities requires us to step away from the day-to-day operations in our local markets and look ahead to future opportunities to better serve you as a marketing partner. We look forward to sharing growth ideas and solutions with you, soon!

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