The Benefits of Event Sponsorship

Stephanie Theisen
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Get in front of the people you want as customers. Expand your reach, connect with new markets, boost your name recognition and much more, through event sponsorship. Though there are many business benefits to sponsoring an event, here are the top ones:

Specific Events Attract Specific Audiences

Meet the right people! Don’t waste your business’s time and money trying to reach out to uninterested people. Know your target audience and be there when they show up at an event for a good time. Presenting sponsor, ticket sponsors, designated driver sponsors for beer/cider events, and other sponsorships specific to themed events, such as a diaper derby at a baby expo, are all ways that allow your business to tap into specific markets. There is an event for every target market and for new markets just waiting to be captured.The Benefits of Event Sponsorship

Your Reputation and Brand Flourishes

You’ve got a reputation to uphold and a brand to build! In-person, brand identity, and event association is hard to forget. It’s a no-brainer that the human memory retains information better through experience. When every event is an experience, individuals will remember your business and its supportive contributions. Event sponsorship grows your reputation and brand for the better.

Community Connection

Leighton Events’ goal is to connect the communities we serve through one to one interactive opportunities. Community is all about building relationships. Event sponsorship allows for your business to connect with other business leaders, area businesses, and most importantly, with the citizens of those communities. Sponsorship is a great way for your business to give back to the community, all while making important connections to new markets that are just waiting to be tapped. When your business supports the community, people will go out of their way to turn to you rather than your leading competitor.

Leighton Events Possesses the Power of Leighton Media

How do we have more event success stories? We use the power of our radio stations. Leighton Events knows how to host impressive events and Leighton Media knows how to get people to come. Radio advertising is key to turn an event into an all out, must attend, gathering. With Leighton Events, you know that the event will not only be unforgettable, but it will also be big.

We have the resources to make your business attract the right audience, build your brand, support a strong reputation and create community connection through event sponsorship. For everything you need to know about how radio can take your business to the next level, download our Why Buy Radio eBook.
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