Live Radio Remotes: Here's Why They Work For Us

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For “in-the-moment” events, it’s best to be in the moment. Live radio remotes, or live broadcasting, is what will bring people to your event, make your customers happy, and spotlight your business. Over 92 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week. The majority of those listeners, are on the move and listening in the car. Here’s how live broadcasting can capture those on the move people and turn your event into a successful and unforgettable customer experience.

Let Us Bring The Party to You

Radio is America’s number one reach medium. With radio reaching 93 percent of Americans 18 years or older, remote broadcasting is like having a local celebrity with a big guest list at your event. Whether it's an open house, anniversary celebration, grand openings, seasonal sales, or anything in between, we can bring people right to your doorstep. Radio announcers have a strong connection with local residents. When you host a meet-and-greet with a popular radio station their devoted listeners will show up. That’s a whole market of potential customers.

 Live Radio Remotes: Here's Why They Work For Us

We Get Your Customers Pumped

Live radio events provide free and fun entertainment to residents and their families. Exciting giveaways, contests, and activities for the kids can be a part of the consumer experience. Unlike other models of advertising, we create energetic and happy memories that customers will forever associate with your event.


Attention? Yeah, You’ll Get a lot of That

Use your imagination and picture how much a radio station vehicle, station banners, a fun tent, and popular station staff would add to your event. Our tents, vans, and staff are carefully selected to draw people in. Your radio associate can assemble advertising packages that outmaneuver competitors and put the spotlight where it belongs: on your business.


Live radio remotes can help make your event successful and unforgettable. We have some great ideas, so reach out, as we would be honored to work with you to get your business on the radio!

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