Is Radio Recruitment Advertising Right For You?

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Radio is a powerful influence in the minds of consumers. Its reach spans over multiple listeners with different experiences, tastes, and needs. Whether driving in your car or buying your groceries, radio is everywhere and on at all times of the day – reaching nearly 54 percent of the population daily. Radio advertising sounds like a prime way to reach consumers for marketers. It’s also an effective way to expand your recruitment campaign.

Why Should You Recruit on Radio?

Is Radio Recruitment Advertising Right For You?Radio is an expansive network that can readily target any type of consumer. The beauty of radio is its locality. If you’re trying to fill a position close to town, using a popular radio station to advertise your job opening will bring in candidates familiar with your line of work. Unlike a billboard, it’s also likely to be heard by folks on all ends of town. A wider reach means a larger applicant pool with varying degrees of experience and background.

Radio is also a great way to target those that may not be actively searching for a new job. It allows you to make contact with people who haven’t seen your obvious go-to posting options – sourcing tools, social media, and job postings. Hearing about available positions on the radio may persuade listeners to switch careers or it may liberate them from the job they currently hold.

Besides the reach, think about the engagement radio brings to your campaign. From the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., individuals are driving home from work, picking up kids from activities, and running errands. Like previously stated, during that time radio reaches 41 percent of the population. You catch them when they’re driving home from the job they don’t completely love, or they hear of a possible position that may give them more time with their kids, or better help pay the bills. It’s an influential time, but also a time in which you can play the same ad, around the same time, multiple times a week. If hearing it once doesn’t grasp a listener’s attention, hearing it multiple times will. 

What Types of Business Thrive with Radio Recruitment?

You may be asking yourself if your business is the right fit. Anyone can benefit from radio, but here are a few examples of common business sectors that thrive with radio recruiting:


There is always a high demand for nurses and caregivers. Recruiting on the radio can give the sense of immediacy and fill in the gaps where traditional recruiting tactics don't.


Labor positions are constantly open because of the industry's high turnover rate. With radio recruiting, you can reach your audience quickly and update available positions faster than print.


Much of our nation's goods are still transported by commercial trucks. Filling a driving position by airing an ad is an invite that quickly spreads. Often a sister, brother, mother, or uncle hears an ad and passes it along to the person they know who is seeking that position.

Sometimes, it can seem that print is a dying breed of advertising, especially for job recruitment. How are you choosing to invest your budget? With radio, you can emphasize the main benefits of the job and lead listeners to your website to apply. It drives action and generates more qualified applicants. Radio works. 

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and see the results.

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