Hindsight is 2020: My Top Three Takeaways of a Challenging Year

Bob Leighton
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In a year that seemed it would never end, here we are again, looking out at the horizon, of a new calendar. The end of the year is often a time of reflection and this year has certainly given us plenty to think about. Despite a year of decreased sales, expense cuts and communities full of hurting, local businesses that are fighting to keep their doors open and staff employed, we have a lot to remain thankful for.

2020 Takeaways BlogAs CEO of Leighton Enterprises, here are my top three takeaways and things for which to be thankful of, from the year 2020: 

  1. Radio turned 100 years old this year and proved, once again, what a powerful medium it is. Here to serve and connect listeners to their community and advertisers to their customers, in good times and bad. Less than 10 years ago broadcast sales represented 100% of our revenue and now account for just over 70%.

  2. Diversifying one’s business and revenue streams is wise.
    1. Vye; formerly known as Leighton Interactive, is a strong company and is making a substantial mark in the agency world throughout the country and contribute 15% to the company’s revenue.
    2. LB LogosOur promotional products division, Magnetic Spark gained market share during the recession through their commitment to service of their customers and represents 10% of our company revenue.
    3. Leighton Engage, our new digital services department, was launched this year, and despite the state of our economy, showed profitability, contributing 2.5% of our company’s revenue.
  3. What you stand for matters. Our company’s Core Values, developed over a decade ago, have helped navigate us through a tumultuous year:

    1. Success - by helping others both internally and externally

    2. Passion - we have energy and continually strive for excellence

    3. Dedication - unwavering accountability to self and team

    4. Community Involvement – we believe in building our community through time, talent and treasure

    5. Ethical - always strive to do the right thing

    6. Professional – we are committed to the ongoing professional and personal development of our employees

Leighton Enterprises is not your “typical” radio company with “typical” employees. Our clients’ results and employee retention are both indicators of the truth, in this statement. As a whole, we remain united and committed to live our passion statement: To Serve, Connect and Celebrate Our Community.

Starting in 2020, our company goal was to be 100% ESOP within five years. COVID-19’s impact is likely to delay our ESOP plan by a year. Although it may be delayed, it still remains our goal to become a 100% ESOP company that will remain independent and have our core values live on with “non-typical” employees for generations to come.

Thank you to our employees who bring their passion, dedication and professionalism to work, every day. Also, we greatly appreciate our clients for choosing Leighton Media, Vye, Magnetic Spark and Leighton Engage for their marketing and promotional needs.


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Leighton Enterprises, Inc is a marketing company dedicated to serving numerous industries across all of Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota and throughout the USA. Leighton Enterprises believes in partnership and ensuring consistent marketing messages founded in a solid strategy across all channels; Leighton Media a radio group with 26 stations across seven markets, Vye, a digital advertising agency, Magnetic Spark a promotional products division and Leighton Engage a digital advertising and social media marketing department.

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