Best Of: Radio Advertising Strategies 2017 [Infographic]

Stephanie Theisen
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We just wrapped up our most recent blog series, Best Radio Advertising Strategies for 2017. Our team compiled nine clients representing all Leighton Media markets and turned to our audience to vote on the overall winner - truly, the best radio advertising strategy. With Fergus Locker named the champion, we wanted to offer a single roundup of all clients once again to showcase what it takes to be at the top. Enjoy!


Best of Radio Strategies



Radio advertising doesn’t offer a direct visual connection to the clients ad for the listener to focus on, so how we approach delivery of the clients message matters greatly. We follow BrandsFormation under the guidance of Chuck Mefford. It's a proven system that gives our company parameters and best practices to create the best branding campaigns for our clients, time and time again. The clients featured in our most recent Best Advertising Strategy all had process in common - adhering to the system that makes for successful radio branding. 


If you define partnership you likely include trust with its explanation. That's key for our AE's and clients alike. There has to be a shared belief and faith where risks are involved that there's a solid foundation underneath it. We heard that frequently, from clients, as they recapped their experiences with our team, as well as from our account execs on the topic. We always have your best interest at heart - we might push you a little from time to time, but it’s all in the name of greatness.


I believe Leighton Media of Winona's AE, Aaron Pavek said it best, "At Leighton Media, one of our core values is community-minded. That has always stood out to me as an Account Executive. I take that to heart. That's the definition of partnership to me." Each of our clients tends to embody community support and involvement just as much as our company does so it makes it easy to connect on that united goal. After all, what's a small business without a community behind it?


I always marvel at the creativity and dedication that our AE's have to uncovering their client’s unique stories. It’s an essential step to building an effective branding campaign. Theater of the mind is only as powerful as the story it brings to life. How our Best Of clients conceptualize their own brand's story tailored for radio advertising is crucial for success. The radio characters highlighted in this series are rich, unforgettable icons of these small businesses, and make radio just so fun.

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